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flycam heavy hexacopter


Our studio offers rental services of filming from above, also we provide high-quality assembly of multirotors for shooting from the air using the latest technologies in this area. We hope you will make choice our team as the contractor in shooting from air for your project. As for our services, we flexibly approach pricing, always beforehand we settle terms in case of which the customer receives service of the quality required to it.

FlyCam - all from above
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«Filming for RED EPIC DRAGON camera with multirotor platforms.»

FLYCAMSTUDIO offers filming solutions with RED CAMERA on the MOVI M10 GYRO-HEAD.  

We are first Ukrainians who offered filming services shooting from above by heavy multirotor complex with the cinematography RED camera on the unique stabilized three-axis gimbal filming in 6K.
Video from gyro-head don't need post-stabilization.

"Aerial filming for cinematorgaphy"

Arial filming using drones in the city 

Worldwide, in any volumes in the discussed terms - our team possessing the most modern park of equipment professionally will finish shooting material necessary for the Customer and if necessary the post will provide professional processing. We differ from other firms, you for certain saw some of them at wedding exhibitions. Such organizations consisting from two person and having and competitors a hand it is difficult to call one and a half sets of the film-making equipment. We after all don't remove neither weddings nor office parties. Also we won't rent for sale someone's dacha, a site and another. unless only to the good acquaintance. Our studio is generally focused on the film industry. We are professionally focused and we try not to distract on trifles. Also we carry out orders of shooting from air and for the enterprises working in spheres of tourism and real estate (I mean the construction and developer companies) which trust not first year our company "Flycam-Letayushchaya the Camera" the most responsible tasks on aerial photography of the objects and sites. Among our clients such known companies as: Stolitsa Group, SKDevelopment, KnightFrank and others. We one of the first in Ukraine and the CIS mastered such type of shooting, having proved in this area as reliable partner who always qualitatively and submits in time to the Customer the performed top-level work. Among our clients large hotel networks and private hotels, travel agencies and real estate agencies, administrations state and municipalities. We are engaged in aerial photograph from 2008th year. During this time a lot of things that exchanged in the world. Many began with radio-controlled helicopters, big helicopters of the class JR Voyazher 260Z Now it is possible to consider that the helicopter was invented anew. By the regular classical helicopter it was rather difficult to receive that stable and qualitative picture with VDSLR of the camera which without effort can be removed from a multikopter. In more detail in our Blog -

Aerial filming with gyro-stabilized brushless gimbal

Aerial video for TV Commerials with RED EPIC DRAGON 

Flyghts and shooting commercials with aerial drones equipped FPV (first person view).
The control of the camera was carried out by the pilot with implementation the professionykh navyky with shooting of video from air: aerial photography and aero video filming (aero video filming) with radio of the operated flying multirotor platforms – multikopter or helicopter. Such devices are called - Flying Comer. Thanks to unique возможносям shootings from height you get advantages at creation of documentary and feature films. The best team in the country by means of a flying complex not the first year show the highest class in aerial photography, providing to the Customer spectacular and unexpected foreshortenings from the Flying Camera.

"Shooting From a multikopter. Aerial filming using drones in Moscow. Multirotors and gimbals Belarusiya. Aerial photography in Minsk."

The FLYCAM Flying Comer team - aerial photograph of RED Scarlet, aerial photograph of cinema of RED, aerial photograph the advertizing RED, aerial photograph the clip RED, a multikopter with RED, the radio-controlled helicopter with RED, shooting from air on RED, shooting from air on RED Scarlet. Spectacular aero video filming and panoramic photoshoots from air 

The FLYCAM Flying Comer team - aerial photograph of RED Scarlet, aerial photograph of cinema of RED, aerial photograph the advertizing RED, aerial photograph the clip RED, a multikopter with RED, the radio-controlled helicopter with RED, shooting from air on RED, shooting from air on RED Scarlet. Spectacular aero video filming and panoramic photoshoots from air

«Multicopter Technologies by FLYCAMSTUDIO(Assembled in Kiev)»

Aerial video in Bangkok 

Through joint efforts we created the sole official agency in Bangkok of the company "FLYCAMSTUDIO - VSSERVICE", the engaged shooting from air and development in the sphere multirotor platforms with the giro-stabilized subscales of VDSLR of cameras since 2008th year. The main specialization - development of new technologies in aerial photography for Thailand and ASIA countries, control and testing of the unique multirotor flying platforms (multikopter) for implementation of video/photographing taking into account unique requirements to the collected gives to the device indisputable advantages before other firms video offering services of shooting with radio-controlled helicopters.

Flycamstudio - high quality drones for cinematorgaphy

The FlycamStudio lab where there is an assembly of multikopter – is located in a small cellar on the suburb Kiev. On racks and tables intricate details are scattered, the assembly room reminds rather not aviafactory, and secret laboratory SkyNet where bring together terminators. 

FlyCamStudio together with VS-Service ( within creation of the project on an aero photo and video filming in Bangkok. Our high-lifting project G12-Valkirie for RED EPIC Dragon camera representation in Bangkok city by Thailand and Ukraine cooperation. If you want to order rent of a multikopter for shooting with RED EPIC aerial video - VS-Service will give you all necessary consultations. At coordination of conditions we sign with the Customer the contract for creation of a video series from air, and on to advance payment our Kiev team leaves to the place of shootings. It means not only Bangkok and Thailand, but also all ASIA in general. If you want to order shooting with RED EPIC from air in India for example - then address to the main division of our studio in Kiev, Ukraine and then to department in Thailand. Our consultant for the organization of shootings Vladimir Mostivenko will help to understand the nuances and aspects connected with a choice of flying equipment, a venue of shooting and weather conditions.

Whether it is worth buying a heavy multirotor platform (a heavy multikopter) or to build a kopter independently/a>


Flycamstudio - is the first name in aerial filming from air in Ukraine. In detail about everyone event we try to state in the blogs and a forum - references on which are had on our site. Are nobody not a secret how many cones we to ourselves during this time filled, how many at us fell for various reasons multikopter with subscales of cameras, how many cameras we broke. It happens for various reasons. In one it is pilot errors, there can sometimes be a failure of electronics, loss of a signal of the managing director of the equipment, a hindrance in video signal from the subweight of the operating camera and so on.
To count in advance to the beginner all these reefs at design of a multikopter it will be difficult, even not feasible. Therefore - or to pass on the same path, persistently from the date of in day projecting many years and collecting to come new kopter to understanding of an optimality of rotary knots, a choice of motors for a kopter, it is correct to rasitat propellers, length of beams, damping of subweight... Or it is simpler to pay for assembly to professionals who passed all this for a long time, and offer ready, convenient and optimized under specific objectives platforms?

Optimum number of propellers (rotors) on a kopter for flights with the camera of the class Canon 5D MarkII

Many beginners and not only mistakenly are mistaken, considering that for a heavy kopter the minimum quantity of propellers has to be equal to eight. Such multirotor device is called an oktokopter 

And so, I can dissuade you that it not always so. To lift in air and to shoot qualitative video from height of bird's flight with the Canon 5D MkII\MKIII chamber it is possible and on a kvadrokopter. And who cancelled installation of four powerful motors instead of eight standard? Such option is quite accepted and the mass of examples of use kvadrokopter for shooting from air on the Canon 5D and 7D chamber is in YouTube. If we replace the heavy reflex camera with the non-reflex camera on subweightmultikopter - that we will significantly prolong time of its stay in air, as flight time of a multikopter in direct ratio to his payload. The weight is less the more long the kopter will fly. This rule is natural is applicable when comparing completely the edentichnykh of models. Each modernization of a kopter, any modification of a configuration - will incur for themselves sometimes unpredictable changes. These need to be engaged, spend the time and to investigate. Today already there are trial and error methods of engines, calculators of selection of efficiency of propellers, insertions for multikopter (a database on PWM regulators - compatible to a reinsertion for use with multirotor platforms)

Aerial filming variety:

Filmmakers and TVC
Возможность выбрать новый - оригинальный - ракурс. Снять сцену с высоты нескольких сот метров в качестве до 4K. Современное развитие съемок с воздуха как один из видов съемки с движения, где летающая камера выполняет роль гигантского операторского крана.
Production companies
Провести мониторинг высотной конструкции в тех местах, куда не в силах добраться даже промышленные альпинисты.
Realtors and construction companies
Снять рекламный ролик о продаваемом владении с прилегающими к нему землями с высоты птичьего полета.
Удивить потенциальных покупателей восхитительными 3D турами с видами местности, окружающей их будущее жилище.
Чем красочнее кадры, тем привлекательнее портфолио. Чем привлекательнее портфолио, тем лучше имидж.
А какая связь между имиджем и прибылью вы и без нас прекрасно знаете.
Travel and excursion agencies
Большинство туристов выбирают место отдыха или туризма в Интернете. Наиболее важной информацией, необходимой для принятия окончательного решения, является именно визуальная информация
– фотографии, а лучше виртуальные туры или видео.
Фотографиями с воздуха, видео с воздуха и 3D панорамами могут быть оснащены информационные центры и сайты городов. Такие материалы помогают туристам и гостям сориентироваться в городе, покажут наиболее интересные маршруты и достопримечательности.
Museums, exhibition centers
Виртуальные экскурсии, просмотры замков, исторических зданий - особенно с необычных ракурсов - хорошая реклама, привлекающая посетителей, а также возможность демонстрации экспонатов, масштабы которые можно оценить полностью только увидев с высоты.
Shopping centers
Фотография торговых центров с разных ракурсов с высоты сотни метров или видеопрезентация с пролетами над прилавками, между торговыми залами. Кроме того отличная возможность использовать эти материалы для каталогов и брошюр, рекламных модулей, флаеров и буклетов, открыток, широкоформатная рекламы.
Fans of action recreation
Вы несетесь на бешеной скорости на байке по самой кромке моря, управляете яхтой, преодолеваете реку вплавь или горные пороги на каяке. Такие видеокадры украсят домашний архив, а друзья больше не смогут обвинить вас в родстве с Бароном Мюнхаузеном.

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With respect, FLYCAM Team


Welcome to! Our team placed all our knowledges and practices of aerial filming, our researches in multirotor platforms (multikopter UAV) with gyro-stabilized heads for cinematography in web format. Seven years of successful operation on the marked of drone innovations showed that our practice - aerial video and a photography, developing in multirotor aircrafts and gyro-stabilazing systems improbable rates and gains relevance around the world!